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VR Solutions
Simple business solutions for 360 and Virtual Reality

Upload, publish & share your 360° VR content in three easy steps

1. Produce your 360° VR content

Create your own 360° content with any 360° camera. Alternatively, book our full-service 360° VR production service to ensure best-quality footage.

Produce your own 360° VR content
Book our VR content production service
Learn how to shoot in 360° with our VR content production workshop
Producing Virtual Reality content
Produce 360 and VR content

2. Upload, manage & enhance your 360° media in the CMS

Utilize our cloud-based & on-premise VR solutions to create your own immersive 360° experience.

Upload 360° & 180° monoscopic and stereoscopic media
Import 360° media from 3rd-party sources like Panono cloud or Panomax
Integrate your AWS S3 storage for efficient file upload
Manage VR and 360° content globally
Upload, manage & enhance your 360° media

3. Publish & share your 360° content

Present your 360° VR experience to your peers with your combination of VR channels.

Guide Kit
360° Web Integration
Branded Mobile VR App
Remote VR
VR Share
VR Print & QR Code Integration
Learn more about our VR channels
Guide audience through VR and 360 content for sales & marketing
Our VR solutions are built for self-service. Ask us for a free demo and learn how easy VR content management is.
Book a free demo

Guide Kit - present your 360° content with VR headsets

Control and guide your audience through you 360° interactive journey

The configuration of a Guide Kit consists of a tablet and a set of Android™-based VR headsets. The guide keeps control of the VR presentation of any connected headset. Immediate viewer feedback makes the Guide Kit to a perfect presentation and sales tool.

Explorer Kit
Navigate through VR content freely.
Classroom VR
Involve up to 30 students with our VR classroom solution.
Remote VR
Have VR training and sales sessions remotely.
VR Objects
Enhance your VR experience.
VR Analytics
Get insights with dashboards and heatmaps.
Offline environment
Use the Guide Kit without internet
Learn more about the Guide Kit - our VR headset solutions
Guide Kit - Guide your audience through your 360 content with VR Headset
360° Website & Mobile Integration
Reach your audience with 360 content through any channel

Integrate your 360° content in your website or any other web-based applications. Control your integration in the EXP360 Control Center.

HTML integration
Embed your 360° content on your website.
VR Pinboard
Add 360° media to your maps.
(Branded) mobile VR app
Share your 360° media with the EXP360 Personal App or your branded mobile app.
QR code & print integration
Generate a QR code from your 360° media and have it scanned with your mobile app.
VR Objects
Enhance your VR experience.
APIs for 360° content
Ingoing / Outgoing APIs for your VR content.
Learn more about our 360° Website & Mobile Integration
VR for Website, Mobile App & Print Media integration

Non-proprietary media standards and flexible interfaces allow an easy integration in business processes.

Cross-Channel VR Integration

Experience the EXP360 Cross-Channel VR & 360° integration in the following demo.

Our VR solutions aim to make handling with 360° media as easy as possible while providing our clients with the maximum flexibility to reach their peers in the right way. This demo includes different channels, tools, and devices to deliver 360 content.

Try scanning this QR code or hit the button to reach a VR Share page, which is an easy-to-share collection of 360 media.

Try our Cross-Channel VR integration
Download the EXP360 Personal App

Scan this QR code with your smartphone to open a VR Share page.

Book a free demo

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