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VR Solutions

Get inspired by the different VR solutions. Learn more about our portfolio, what we can do for your industry, and how we enable your occupation. Our solutions also involve content production service and 3D render services.

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Multi-Purpose Content

Utilize 360° & VR experiences for multiple use-cases

1. Virtual Tour

Use your existing 360° VR content and use it for your Virtual Tours.

2. Add variable elements
  • Walk-Throughs
  • Teleports
  • 3D-TV-Videos
  • Booking & Buy Buttons
  • Remote VR
  • Conferencing
  • more
3. Integration
  • Websites
  • Social Media
  • VR Headsets

1. Virtual Training

Use your existing 360° VR content and use it for training initiatives.

2. Add variable elements
  • Instructions
  • Voice-Overs
  • Checklists
  • Simulations
  • Webinars VR
  • Quizes
  • more
3. Integration
  • LMS
  • Instructing Apps
  • VR Classrooms

1. Documentation

Use your existing 360° VR content and use it for documentation purposes.

2. Add variable elements
  • Hotspots
  • Checkpoints
  • Metadata
  • Measurements
  • Photos
  • Before-After
  • more
3. Integration
  • Archives
  • Compliance
  • Quality Management

1. Orientation

Use your existing 360° VR content and use it for orientation purposes.

2. Add variable elements
  • Arrows
  • Walkthroughs
  • Instructions
  • Checklists
  • Directions
  • Procedures
  • more
3. Integration
  • Onboarding
  • Embarkation
  • Navigation

Our Portfolio

Learn more about our portfolio

Virtual Tours

Allow visitors to tour your properties, hotels, and homes. Guide them your the VR tour and deliver immersive booking experiences.

Virtual Training

Create immersive real-duty scenarios with the EXP360 VR Cloud Solutions and have your staff join the learning environment on any device.

Virtual Events & Exhibitions

Host your sales events, trade shows, and conventions virtually. Invite your clients and communicate with them with video conferencing.

Virtual Construction Site

Create construction site tours in the EXP360 VR Cloud and enrich them with VR Objects. Tour them with your engineers from home.

Interactive Storytelling

Let your creativity shine and create an interactive digital story. Invite your audience across multiple devices and leave the storyline open.

Our Services

Besides our VR Solutions, we offer a range of services

Content Production Service

Our global VR content production service takes 360° media of ships, destinations, ports, and training sessions for the crew. The service includes post-production, too.

3D Render Service

We can create 3D renderings and process all major open 3D models and CAD-formats, and add them to your virtual experience.

Customization & Development

Keen on integrating the EXP360 VR Cloud into your software? We customize the solution for your audience.

Our Industries

The majority of our clients serve the following industries

Cruise Industry

Clients in the cruise industry utilize the upgrade potential of virtual tours and Remote VR sales sessions. Virtual crew training and VR port documentation improve operational excellence.


Hotels and accommodation increase their booking rate with virtual tours of their rooms and facilities on their websites. Virtual training cuts onboarding time of staff significantly.

Real Estate & Architecture

Clients in the real estate industry enjoy virtual tours and 3D-rendered room stagings of their homes and listings across all play-out channels. They also run guided tours remotely – with Remote VR.

Health Care

EXP360 Solutions enables our clients in the health care industry to use virtual reality and 360° technology for education, patient & visitor orientation as well as recruiting & employer branding.

Universities & Education

We help to build immersive universities and contribute to Education 4.0. VR and 360° technologies offer new ways to deliver course content in virtual learning environments.

Manufacturing & Construction

VR Training, VR Sales, Marketing and Company Presentation or Compliance – Manufacturing & Construction integrates VR Solution into operations.

Our Use Cases

Learn more how integrate virtual reality for different functions of organizations.

Marketing & Sales

Learn more how we support our clients with use cases in marketing & sales

Virtual Tours
Virtual Events & Conferences
VR Showrooms
Interactive Storytelling

Human Resources

Learn more how we support our clients with use cases in HR

Virtual Training
Virtual Recruiting Events
Employer Branding
Virtual Events & Conferences


Learn more how we support our clients with use cases in operations

Virtual Equipment Handling
Virtual Training
Virtual Plant Visits

Compliance & Documentation

Learn more how we support our clients with use cases for compliance.

Incident Documentation
Construction Site Documentation

Latest Blog Posts about our VR Solutions

Explore the realm of VR Solutions through our informative blog posts, where we delve into technical topics and showcase diverse industry use cases. Discover how virtual reality transforms businesses across sectors, unlocking new possibilities and paving the way for immersive experiences in the digital age.


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