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VR Solutions
360° and Virtual Reality as a Service for Business

VR as a Service

How the EXP360 VR Cloud works

1. Upload any media

Upload immersive content from any 360° camera to the EXP360 VR Cloud. Add classic files like videos, images, and audio to enhance the virtual environment. All content is standardized and prepared for the VR experience.

2. Manage & create VR experiences

Manage and assemble your virtual experiences in the EXP360 VR Cloud. Use the VR Experience Tools and customize the content for your use case, like virtual tours or virtual training courses. Feed on the EXP360 Content Library for a head-start and quick content sharing with your business partners. Prepare your VR experiences and publish it to the different play-out channels to reach your audience from your one-stop hub.

3. Your Play-Out Channels

Reach your audience on any device at any place, like websites and web-based applications, mobile apps, VR headsets, social media, Remote VR, or entire (virtual) classrooms.

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Content Production Service

Our global VR content production service can assist in 360° content generation for your accommodations, destinations, training sessions, including post-production services.

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Sharing & Ownership

EXP360's VR Cloud is ready to share your VR experiences with your partners, customers, employees, and students. As only open formats are used, you keep control and rightful ownership of your content.

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Private Cloud

The EXP360 VR Cloud does not only replicate to offline environments like cruise ships, overloaded WIFI environments like trade shows, or off-shore facilities. The environment can also be hosted on private infrastructure.

Our VR solutions are built for self-service. Ask us for a free demo and learn how easy VR content management is.
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Website & Mobile Integration

360° and VR content in the EXP360 VR Cloud enables cross-channel integration for websites and web-based applications, mobile platforms, QR codes, and Android™-based VR headset.

Integrate EXP360 into existing mobile apps or order a white-label VR mobile app for Android™ and iPhone from us. Export QR codes of your 360 content and scan it to for use within classic print media.

Content APIs
Learn more about our Website & Mobile Integration

Remote VR Shared virtual environments with multiple clients - in real-time

Invite your audience to your 360° tour and roll-out scalable VR* sessions to numerous peers - in real-time and remotely. Guide them in real-time and remotely. Guide through your virtual environment for live sales sessions, call-center integration, remote virtual training, or virtual tours.

*VR headset supported but not required

Live VR Session
Content Library
Remote VR for your industry

Guide Kit Virtual presentations with VR headsets

As the guide keeps control of the presentation of any connected VR headset and leads the way the VR experience with a tablet, immediate viewer feedback makes the Guide Kit to a perfect virtual presentation and sales tool.

Explorer Kit

Virtual Reality in kiosk mode

Classroom VR

Virtual Reality for education

Remote VR

Virtual tours and training remotely

Offline environment

Designed for offline services

Learn more about the Guide Kit

VR Analytics Track the consumption of VR and 360 media

VR Analytics covers all EXP360 output channels and provides holistic insights about the media consumption. Dashboards with heatmaps and reports allow a deep understanding of the success of 360° media with your peers.

Non-proprietary media standards and flexible interfaces allow easy integration in business processes.

Cross-Channel VR Integration Experience the EXP360 Cross-Channel VR & 360° integration in the following demo.

Our VR solutions aim to make handling with 360° media as easy as possible while providing our clients with the maximum flexibility to reach their peers in the right way. This demo includes different channels, tools, and devices to deliver 360 content.

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