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Virtual Events & Exhibitions

Hold your sales events and conventions virtually in rendered booths

Invite your clients to your 360° virtual trade show and communicate with them effectively - with Remote VR and video chat integration.

How it works


Design & Render your booth

Send us your 3D booth or book our 3D render service to create your customizable environment

Upload them to the EXP360 VR Cloud

Upload 360° camera positions of your rendered booth to the EXP360 VR Cloud

Create and maintain VR courses

Add standard videos, pictures, slides, PDFs, voice-overs, etc to provide your visitors with all information they need

Deliver your virtual booth experience across multiple channels - globally

Reach your visitors efficiently and benefit from our interconnected VR channels, like browser, mobile app, LMS systems, VR headsets, or print media.


Multi-Device Content Delivery

Reach your visitors on any device and deliver your virtual booth experience on the web, mobile phone, or social media.

Guided Experience

Guide your visitors through the virtual booth experience - live and remotely - with Remote VR and VR Video / Chat Conferencing

3D Render Service

We bring your virtual environment to life. Our 3D render service produces your virtual booths, environments and showrooms.

Examples, powered by EXP360


Virtual Company

Check out the virtual, interactive, and self-guided tour of our virtual booth. Learn more about H.C. Starck Solutions, its products, and use-cases.

Virtual Showroom Tour – CSEM

Learn how CSEM is accelerating ideas, both big and small, into groundbreaking technologies, which help solve the challenges of our time.

Exhibition Hall

Check out the EXP360 exhibition hall, which features use-cases & industries, a mountain dome, and a full-scale three-screen auditorium.

Virtual Recruiting Events

(External) Check out the virtual, interactive, and self-guided tour of Advent Health's in-person conference booth.

Virtual Trade Shows

Reach your audience virtually and continue selling

EXP360's VR and 360° solutions enable our clients to run 360° trade shows and virtual sales events and continue with client acquisition. We create customized 360° sales environments in 3D and allow visitors to tour the virtual convention. We also work with your existing virtual booths and enhance them with our tools.

Remote VR
VR Objects
Live-Video and -Audio Integration
Chat Integration

Keep your channels open to communicate with visitors

Utilize Remote VR and Video Chat Integration

Integrate the virtual trade show on your website and newsletters to keep your trade show booth open 24/7. Communicate with your visitors via chat* or directly via video chat, and guide them through your convention with Remote VR.

*Contact us to connect your communication tools with your virtual trade show. We use Intercom for our virtual trade show chat communication, while the video & voice chat rooms run on EXP360 infrastructure.

VR Objects

Highlight your key aspects and communicate your USPs virtually

Turn your company and product presentation material into compelling virtual showrooms and virtual trade shows. VR Objects enables the 360° footage to be enriched with additional information like pictures, videos, audio tracks, text fields, and subtitles. Teleport fields load other 360° videos or images, which allow walk-throughs through your virtual environment.

3D Objects like the drone in the video make the 360 experience more interactive, which may support the purpose of different VR use cases.

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