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Universities & Education in VR and 360°
Meet Education 4.0 with EXP360 and build an immersive university

Virtual learning & education How an immersive university works

1. Upload your learning material

Add your course content like documents, notes, slides, videos, music to the EXP360 VR Cloud. The content is standardized and prepared for the virtual environment.

2. EXP360 VR Cloud

Import your immersive VR content from any 360° camera or utilize the EXP360 Content Library for a head-start. Manage and assemble your virtual course content in the EXP360 VR Cloud with the VR Experience Tools, and prepare them for your (virtual) classroom.

3. Your Play-Out Channels

Reach your students on any device at any place, either face-to-face in a classroom, or remotely from anywhere around the world. A desktop web browser, a mobile phone, or a VR headset is sufficient. Have your classes in virtual live sessions remotely, or recorded as part of the curriculum.

Multi-Channel - One-to-Many - World-Wide Reach your students on any device in real-time everywhere

Deliver your course content from the VR Cloud to your students in real-time. Your students do not need a VR headset to join a training session - smartphones or a desktop browser are sufficient. Add your virtual course to your regular curriculum and reuse components of your course content for other classes.

Teach your students remotely - with Remote VR Deliver course content remotely by providing real-time classes in a virtual environment.

Guide your class through interactive 360 courses in real-time - live and remotely. Your students do not need a VR headset to join a training session - smartphones or a desktop browser are sufficient.

Learn more about Remote VR

VR Objects - highlight your key learning aspects Communicating your course content directly

Turn your learning material into compelling virtual course content VR Objects enable the 360° footage to be enriched with additional information like pictures, videos, audio tracks, text fields, and subtitles. Teleport fields load other 360° videos or images, which allow walk-throughs through your learning environment.

LMS - eLearning integration Integrate virtual learning in existing e-learning platforms

Embed your immersive courses in existing e-learning systems and take advantage of both worlds:

  • Assemble and prepare your course content in the EXP360 VR Cloud.
  • Publish them to your LMS for your classes
  • Kick-off Remote VR training session directly from your LMS

Classroom VR: Guide Kits for students Guide up to 30 students with the VR classroom solution in real-time

Involve up to 30 students with the EXP360 Classroom VR. Take advantage of VR Headsets to make your 360° and VR course content shine in class. Guide your students actively through your virtual classroom while enjoying undistracted attention.

Our Classroom VR kit comes with up to 30 VR headsets and the teacher's master tablet. The hardware cases allow secure storage and convenient charging. Pushing new content to the different VR headsets is as simple as with our Guide Kit.

Learn more about the Guide Kit