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In the realm of Virtual Reality (VR), the quest for immersive, impactful, and yet cost-effective solutions has long been a challenge, especially for public and private institutions looking to leverage this technology for training, education, and outreach. Enter EXP360, a platform revolutionizing how institutions deploy VR experiences. At EXP360, we’ve dismantled the barriers traditionally associated with VR implementation – high costs, complex creation processes, and rigid content structures – to offer a solution that’s not only sustainable but also remarkably affordable.

Our mission is straightforward: to empower institutions with the ability to transform static content, such as safety manuals or training procedures, into dynamic, interactive VR experiences. How do we achieve this? By providing a comprehensive ecosystem that simplifies content creation, streamlines updates and maintenance, and extends the reach of VR experiences across multiple channels, all without necessitating advanced technical skills.

Join us as we delve into the core features of EXP360 that make it an unparalleled ally for institutions seeking to harness the full potential of virtual reality. From the intuitive editor and rapid content update mechanism to multi-channel deployment and beyond, discover how EXP360 is setting a new standard for sustainable and affordable VR experiences.

Showcasing EXP360’s Impact Through Projects

EXP360 is not just about offering a platform; it’s about transforming traditional learning and training environments into dynamic, interactive experiences. Through strategic partnerships and innovative projects, EXP360 has showcased its potential to revolutionize training across various sectors. Let’s delve into some standout projects that highlight the versatility and impact of EXP360’s VR solutions:

PWC Austria’s Roofing Safety VR Experience

In collaboration with PWC Austria, EXP360 developed a VR experience aimed at enhancing roofing safety training. This interactive module puts users in realistic scenarios, challenging them to apply safety protocols in virtual environments that mimic real-life conditions. This approach not only boosts engagement but significantly improves retention of safety practices.

Fire Fighting Training

Firefighting requires quick thinking, a deep understanding of safety procedures, and the ability to navigate hazardous environments. EXP360’s VR training immerses firefighters in intense, realistic scenarios, allowing them to practice their response to fire outbreaks in a safe, controlled setting. This hands-on experience is invaluable in preparing them for the real challenges they will face.

Airport Security Training

Security at airports is paramount, and personnel need to be well-prepared to handle a variety of situations, including non-responsive passengers and potential threats. The Airport Security Training VR experience places staff in the heart of the action, teaching them to manage security protocols effectively through interactive storytelling and decision-making paths.

Turning Manuals into Interactive Experiences

At the heart of these projects is the transformation of conventional training manuals into engaging, interactive VR experiences. This innovative approach not only makes training more appealing but also enhances the learning outcomes for staff and officials. By converting dry, often overlooked manuals into compelling VR scenarios, EXP360 ensures that essential information is not just seen but experienced, understood, and remembered.

Through these projects, EXP360 demonstrates its commitment to leveraging VR technology for creating effective, immersive training solutions that cater to the modern needs of public and private institutions.

Advantages of Choosing EXP360 for VR Experiences

The transformative power of EXP360 lies in its unique blend of affordability, dynamic content creation, and extensive reach. Here’s why EXP360 stands out as the premier choice for institutions looking to harness the potential of VR:

Affordability and Dynamic Content

EXP360 democratizes access to VR by offering cost-effective solutions that do not sacrifice quality or engagement. This affordability opens doors for institutions of all sizes to incorporate VR into their training, education, and marketing strategies. Moreover, the platform supports dynamic content, enabling creators to develop rich, immersive experiences that captivate users.

Multi-Channel Distribution

One of EXP360’s key strengths is its ability to distribute content across a multitude of channels. This versatility ensures that VR experiences reach audiences wherever they are, from websites and mobile apps to the Guide Kit VR headsets and beyond. Such wide-ranging distribution amplifies the impact of VR initiatives, making them more accessible and engaging to a broader audience.

User-Friendly Content Creation

With EXP360, creating VR experiences is as intuitive as crafting a presentation in PowerPoint. The platform’s editor simplifies the process, allowing anyone to design compelling VR content without requiring advanced technical skills. This ease of use accelerates the production process, enabling institutions to roll out new VR experiences rapidly.

Rapid Content Update and Deployment

In the fast-paced digital world, the ability to quickly update and deploy content is crucial. EXP360 excels in this area, offering streamlined content updates and maintenance without the complexities of Mobile Device Management (MDM) or APKs. This flexibility ensures that VR experiences remain current, relevant, and effective over time.

Measurement and Dynamic Improvement

The dynamic nature of EXP360 content not only facilitates easy measurement of user engagement and effectiveness but also allows for rapid iterations based on feedback. Institutions can refine and enhance their VR experiences in real-time, ensuring continuous improvement and adaptation to meet the evolving needs of their audiences.

By providing a platform that is affordable, versatile, and user-friendly, EXP360 empowers institutions to embrace VR technology and unlock its full potential. Whether for training, therapy, or entertainment, EXP360 delivers VR experiences that are not only impactful but also sustainable and adaptable to future advancements.

Elevating VR with Advanced Features: The EXP360 Advantage

EXP360 is at the forefront of incorporating advanced Virtual Reality (VR) features into both new and existing experiences, making them commercially viable and significantly more engaging. This commitment ensures that institutions can adopt cutting-edge VR technologies affordably and sustainably. Here’s how EXP360’s integration of advanced XR features benefits a wide spectrum of VR experiences:

See-Through Mode Transformation

The introduction of See-Through Mode by EXP360 has revolutionized how users interact with VR, merging virtual elements with the real world for a seamless mixed reality experience. This feature is especially crucial in settings like therapy or retirement homes, where maintaining a link to the familiar physical environment is key. What makes this feature stand out is its applicability not only in new VR creations but also in enhancing existing ones, offering a gradual immersion that can alleviate anxiety and improve user comfort.

Universal 6DOF Movement

With the integration of Six Degrees of Freedom (6DOF), EXP360 allows users the freedom to move and interact within the VR space as they would in the real world. This advancement is vital for creating realistic training scenarios and exploratory experiences. The beauty of EXP360’s approach is that 6DOF can be added to existing VR experiences, instantly updating them with more immersive and interactive capabilities.

Hand and Eye Tracking for All

By making hand and eye tracking features available, EXP360 has democratized access to more natural and intuitive VR interactions. These features not only make new VR experiences more engaging but also breathe new life into existing ones. For institutions, this means their VR content remains on the cutting edge without the need for constant redevelopment.

Innovative Guide-Viewer Messaging

The One-Way Messaging feature addresses the challenge of communicating in environments where traditional verbal interaction is not possible. This innovation is particularly beneficial in medical and noisy settings. Importantly, this feature can be retroactively applied to enhance the functionality of existing VR experiences, ensuring clear and uninterrupted communication between guides and viewers.

The essence of EXP360’s strategy lies in its ability to dynamically enrich VR experiences with these advanced features. This approach not only fosters the adoption of VR technology across various sectors but also ensures that VR experiences evolve alongside technological advancements. For institutions, this means that their investment in VR content continues to yield returns well into the future, as existing experiences gain new features and capabilities, maintaining their relevance and effectiveness.

By choosing EXP360, institutions are not just accessing a platform for creating and distributing VR content; they’re partnering with a forward-thinking ally committed to keeping their VR experiences at the forefront of technological innovation.

Conclusion: Pioneering the Future of VR with EXP360

EXP360 stands as a beacon for institutions seeking to harness the full potential of Virtual Reality. By offering a platform that combines affordability, ease of use, and dynamic content updates, EXP360 democratizes access to high-quality VR experiences. The ability to distribute content across multiple channels, coupled with a user-friendly editor, ensures that creating immersive VR experiences is no longer a domain reserved for tech experts but is accessible to all.

The real magic of EXP360, however, lies in its commitment to innovation. As the platform continuously evolves, incorporating advanced XR features such as See-Through Mode, 6DOF movement, hand and eye tracking, and innovative communication tools, it ensures that VR experiences remain fresh, engaging, and on the cutting edge. This ongoing development cycle means that both new and existing VR projects can benefit from the latest technological advancements, enhancing their appeal and effectiveness.

For institutions, choosing EXP360 is not just about selecting a VR platform; it’s about investing in a sustainable, future-proof solution. With EXP360, VR experiences can grow and adapt over time, ensuring that educational content, training modules, and interactive explorations continue to captivate and educate audiences in the most immersive ways possible.

As we look towards the future, EXP360 remains committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in VR, making it an indispensable partner for any institution looking to make a lasting impact in the virtual realm.


Hi there! My name is Simon and I have been working in technical key accounting for over a decade. In the past 5 years, I have also focused on virtual reality (VR), helping clients integrating EXP360's VR SaaS tools into their processes and infrastructure. With my experience in both technical key accounting and VR, I am well-equipped to provide insights and solutions for a variety of challenges.