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Virtual Construction Site

Tour construction sites with your engineers from home

How it works


Produce 360° content of your sites

Take a 360° camera and shoot 360° content of your construction sites

Upload them to the EXP360 VR Cloud

Upload your 360° and VR content to the EXP360 VR Cloud

Create and maintain VR courses

Create and maintain virtual sites, enrich them with VR objects, hotspots, floor plans, documents, or photos

Deliver your virtual construction site across multiple channels - globally

Reach your engineers efficiently in our interconnected VR channels, like browser, mobile app, or VR headsets.


Multi-Device Content Delivery

Invite your co-workers and partners to virtual construction site tours and have them joined on any device, like on the web, mobile apps, or VR headsets.

Guided Experience

Guide the tour members through the virtual construction site - live and remotely - with Remote VR and VR Video / Chat Conferencing

Content Production Service

Our global VR content production service takes 360° media of any office or plant. The service includes post-production, too.

Examples, powered by EXP360


Virtual Dry Dock

Save travel time and tour construction sites and dry docks virtually with your engineers from home.

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