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Manufacturing & Construction

360° and VR services for sales, company presentation, virtual crew training
and technical documentation

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Content Production Service

Our global VR content production service takes 360° media of your offices, sites, products, and procedures. The service also includes post-production, too.

Private Cloud or On-Premise

Host the EXP360 components on a private cloud or on-premise in your own in-house infrastructure.

Content Ownership

With EXP360, you keep the solely ownership of your content and your VR experiences. As only open formats are used, you keep control and may move your content offsite anytime.


Virtual site tours

Deliver virtual site tours to staff, clients, as well as the general public

With EXP360, you can deliver virtual site tours of all your global facilities and allow staff, clients as well as the general public to tour the facilities. VR Conferencing and Remote VR enables you to guide your peers personally - in real time.

  • provide transparency of your supply-chain to clients
  • reduce travel time to visit sites
  • support the on-boarding process of new hires
  • unite your global staff as a part of the whole organisation

Virtual staff training & onboarding

Immersive learning for your team members - remotely, on-site and in classrooms

EXP360 VR Learning solutions provide immersive VR training capabilities. Make your staff familiar with their upcoming duties before they come on-site and run remote VR training sessions. Increase the learning outcome with Classroom VR and personal instructions.

Add your learning material to the 360° scene, integrate your immersive course content to your LMS, and reach your staff on their mobile device, browser, or VR headset.


Company Presentation & Recruiting

Tell the story of your organisation in virtual reality

Deliver a virtual booth and run virtual events to present your company, your products, attract clients with hands-on experiences, or recruit the right people for your organisation.

Contact us for a plan to support your recruiting and employer branding initiatives with VR.

Virtual construction sites

Tour construction sites with remote engineers and decision makers

Save travel time and tour dry docks and construction sites virtually, together with your team.

Document the construction progress over time and take advantage of the 360° nature of virtual environment, which captures every detail of the surrounding areas.

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