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3D Render Service

Our 3D render service produces your virtual booths, environments and showrooms.

We bring your virtual environment to life. We export the required positions, integrate them into the EXP360 virtual environment, add VR objects and make them available for the EXP360 play-out channels.

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Selected projects


Virtual Company

Check out the virtual, interactive, and self-guided tour of our virtual booth. Learn more about H.C. Starck Solutions, its products, and use-cases.

Virtual Showroom Tour – CSEM

Learn how CSEM is accelerating ideas, both big and small, into groundbreaking technologies, which help solve the challenges of our time.

Exhibition Hall

Check out the EXP360 exhibition hall, which features use-cases & industries, a mountain dome, and a full-scale three-screen auditorium.

Virtual Recruiting Events

(External) Check out the virtual, interactive, and self-guided tour of Advent Health's in-person conference booth.

Virtual Room Staging

Highlight the architectural features of the space virtually.

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