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Cruise Industry

360° and VR services for sales, virtual crew training
and technical documentation

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Content Production Service

Our global VR content production service takes 360° media of ships, destinations, ports, and training sessions for the crew. The service includes post-production, too.

Shore-Ship Replication

The EXP360 VR Cloud offers replication capabilities to off-shore facilities for content and play-out channels. This allows a seamless experience for the crew even after they embark.

Content Ownership

With EXP360, you keep the solely ownership of your content and your VR experiences. As only open formats are used, you keep control and may move your content offsite anytime.


Virtual Tours of ships and destinations

Leverage your upgrade potential with p360 reviews and include the surroundings to create a perfect look and feel.

Add virtual tours of your ship and destination to your website to take advantage of 360 previews.

Reach your audience efficiently and benefits from our interconnected VR channels like your website, booking engine, guest portals, mobile apps, social media, Remote VR, and print media.


Virtual crew training

Immersive learning for your crew - remotely and in classrooms

EXP360 VR Learning solutions provide immersive VR training capabilities. Make the crew familiar with their upcoming duties before they come onboard and run remote VR training sessions. Increase the learning outcome with Classroom VR.

Integrate your immersive course content in your LMS (shore-ship replication possible) and track the progress of your trainees in hotel operations, health and safety, or language training.


Virtual dry dock

Tour construction sites with remote engineers and decision makers

Save travel time and tour dry docks and construction sites virtually, together with your team.

Document the construction progress over time and take advantage of the 360° nature of virtual environment, which captures every detail of the surrounding areas.


Crew Recruiting & Employer Branding

Run virtual events and exhibitions to recruit the right people

Impress potential team members by running fully virtual recruitment & employer branding events. Allow team members to virtually visit the future workplace and interact with piers online within our virtual conferencing solution.

Virtual recruiting booths and exhibitions
VR Conferencing
Remote VR
Range of play-out channels

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