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Cruise Industry
360° and VR services for sales, virtual crew training
and technical documentation

Your immersive media at one place

How it works

1. Upload 360 content of ships & destinations

Upload immersive content from any 360 camera to the EXP360 VR Cloud. You can also add classic files like videos and music to enhance the virtual experience. The content is standardized and prepared for the VR environment.

2. Your EXP360 VR Cloud

Manage and assemble your virtual experiences in the EXP360 VR Cloud. Use the VR Experience Tools and customize the content for your use case, like virtual tours or virtual training courses. The EXP360 VR Cloud Infrastructure is designed to replicate shore-to-ship for a seamless user experience.

3. Your Play-Out Channels

Reach your audience on any device at any place. This includes your website, your bookflow, your travel agents, over the phone, a mobile phone, or VR headsets.


Content Production Service

Our global VR content production service take 360° media of your accommodations, destinations, training sessions, including post-production services.

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Content Sharing

Share your VR and 360° content and immersive experiences with other members of the same ecosystem or business partners, and scale the effect of VR throughout your organization.

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Shore-Ship Replication

The EXP360 VR Cloud offers replication capabilities to off-shore facilities for its CMS and playout channels. This allows a seamless experience for crew members when they embark.

Previews of ships and destinations in 360° Leverage the upgrade potential with virtual previews and tours

Add virtual tours of your ship and destination to your website and leverage the upgrade potential of 360 previews.

Reach your audience efficiently and benefits from our interconnected VR channels like your website, book flow, guest experience portals, mobile apps, social media, Remote VR, and print media.

Learn more about the Web Integration

Guided virtual tours with VR headsets Premium cruises deserve amazing VR experiences

Equip travel agents and your destination services department onboard with EXP360 Guide Kits and ensure your customers get the best VR Experience of their cruise. EXP360 Guide Kits are designed to run in offline environments like cruise ships.

Learn more about the EXP360 Guide Kit

Call Center integration with Remote VR Show your ships and destinations in 360° - live over the phone

Guide your clients through your VR tour - live and remotely. Invite your peers to a shared virtual tour with you. Have them join your session with you and guide them around your facilities.

Your clients don’t need a VR headset at home to join your VR tour. Smartphones or desktop browsers are enough. Connect multiple clients in a shared session from all over the world.

Learn more about Remote VR

Virtual crew training Immersive learning for your crew - remotely and in classrooms

EXP360 VR Learning solutions provide immersive VR training capabilities. Make the crew familiar with their upcoming duties before they come onboard and run remote VR training sessions. Increase the learning outcome with Classroom VR.

Integrate your immersive course content in your LMS and track the progress of your trainees in hotel operations, health and safety, or language training.

Learn more about Virtual Training

Virtual Dry Dock Tour construction sites with your engineers from home

Save travel time and tour dry docks and construction sites virtually, together with your team. This is how it works:

  1. Take 360° pictures of your site
  2. Upload them to the EXP360 VR Cloud
  3. Create your virtual dry dock tour with our toolset
  4. Schedule your dry dock tour and invite your staff to join