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EXP360 - VR Ecosystem & Product Suite

Explore our diverse range of products designed to engage audiences, enhance training, and elevate virtual events.

The EXP360 VR Suite offers a robust toolset of VR products that cater to various needs and industries.

Our offerings include the EXP360 VR Cloud Ecosystem with the CMS, Toolbox, Analytics, and the powerful VR Creator. Channels like Web, VR Headsets, Apps, Virtual Event and Trainings Platform, the Stock Page, and more. Each product is designed to provide seamless integration, easy management, and immersive experiences for your audience.

With our powerful tools and solutions, you can create virtual tours, host events, integrate VR content into existing platforms, and more. Discover the limitless possibilities with EXP360's VR products and redefine the way you engage, teach, and entertain.

EXP360 VR Products

Explore Our Comprehensive VR Product Range

Discover the extensive selection of VR products offered by EXP360, designed to cater to a wide range of applications and industries. Our cutting-edge solutions enable businesses to create immersive experiences, engage audiences, and streamline processes, ultimately unlocking the full potential of virtual reality in their operations.

Browser-Based Management Tools for Your VR Content

EXP360 VR Cloud Ecosystem

The EXP360 VR Cloud Ecosystem provides a comprehensive suite of browser-based management tools for your virtual reality content

This ecosystem includes the CMS for the metaverse, a powerful toolbox for uploading and sharing content, the EXP360 VR Creator, and analytics.

Easily manage your VR projects, collaborate with your team, and keep track of your content’s performance with this all-in-one cloud-based solution. Whether you’re working on a marketing campaign, a virtual training course, or a custom VR experience, the EXP360 VR Cloud Ecosystem provides the tools you need for success.

Multi Use-Case
Utilize 360° & VR experiences for multiple use-cases.

Publish across platforms
Distribute VR & 360° experience on all channels simultaneously.

Content Ownership
Remain in control of your content and manage it centrally (from a single access point).

Control Center - CMS

At the heart of the ecosystem is the Control Center, a powerful CMS designed to handle non-proprietary formats, monoscopic and stereoscopic, as well as 360° and 180° content.


The Toolbox within the EXP360 VR Cloud Ecosystem streamlines content management by handling uploads, processing, and sharing. Its user-friendly interface offers seamless input and output capabilities for a smoother VR content experience.

VR Experience Creator

Enhance your virtual experiences by creating immersive, engaging, and highly interactive VR experiences tailored to meet the specific needs of your audience and industry.

Remote VR / VR Conferencing

EXP360 Remote VR and the Virtual Event Platform enables you to guide your peers, clients, or colleagues through immersive virtual reality experiences in real-time, even when they're in a different location. Connect with video chat and tour the VR experience together.


EXP360 Analytics provides valuable insights, dashboards, charts, reports, and user journey data for the consumption and success of your VR and 360° content. By understanding how your audience interacts with your immersive experiences, you can make informed decisions and optimize your content for maximum impact.

APIs & Endpoints

The EXP360 APIs & Endpoints enables developers to integrate EXP360's powerful virtual reality technology into existing apps and platforms, providing a customized and seamless VR experience for users.

Unleash the Power of your Content

EXP360 VR Channels

Connect and Engage with Your Audience Across Multiple Platforms

EXP360’s VR Channels offer versatile output options to ensure your immersive content reaches your target audience effectively. By integrating a variety of platforms, including Share Page, Web Integration, Guide Kit, LMS Integration, Mobile App, and Stock Page, we empower you to deliver captivating VR experiences to users on their preferred devices.
Take control of your VR strategy and maximize its impact with the flexibility and accessibility of our VR Channels.

VR Share Page

A full-screen browser VR player that showcases your content with an array of features, designed to captivate your audience.

Web Integration

Embed the EXP360 player directly on your website with a simple JavaScript plugin, enabling seamless VR experiences.

VR Headset Solution - Guide Kit

Conduct immersive face-to-face meetings with our powerful solution that combines tablet control and VR headsets.

Mobile App

Deliver personalized, CI-compliant VR experiences through our customizable mobile application.

LMS Integration

Integrate 360/VR content into browser-based Learning Management Systems, enhancing the educational experience with our Moodle Plugin.

Stock Page

A dynamic content distribution solution, perfect for organizations with various departments sharing VR assets for multiple use cases.

Virtual Events & Conferencing

Use your 360° VR / 3D Content with our Virtual Event Platform and guide your audience through your VR and 360 content.

Custom Integration & APIs

Integrate your VR / 360 content into your existing apps and platforms, providing a customized and seamless VR experience for your users.

Enhance Your VR Presentations with a Complete Solution

EXP360 Guide Kit - the VR Headset Solution

Guide your audience through immersive VR experiences

The EXP360 Guide Kit is a comprehensive solution for guiding your audience through VR and 360° content in face-to-face meetings. The Guide Kit includes a tablet, a set of VR headsets, and a wireless network connection, allowing the guide to control the VR footage of all connected goggles. This ensures that the audience shares the same 360° experience while receiving guidance from the presenter.

Ideal for sales pitches, training sessions, and educational programs, the Guide Kit enables you to deliver engaging and immersive presentations that captivate your audience. Increase retention, boost learning outcomes, and leave a lasting impression with the EXP360 Guide Kit.

A Full-Screen Browser VR Player Packed with Features

The EXP360 Share Page

Streamline the sharing and viewing of your VR content

The EXP360 Share Page provides a full-screen browser VR player that showcases your immersive content in a user-friendly and interactive way. This feature-rich platform makes it easy for your audience to navigate and explore your virtual reality experiences.

Expand your reach by integrating the Share Page with your marketing campaigns, social media, email newsletters, and other promotional channels. Enhance user engagement and showcase your virtual reality content like never before.

JS Script Plugin for Seamless Website Integration

EXP360 Web Integration

Embed the EXP360 Player Directly on Your Website or into your Book Flow

The EXP360 Web Integration feature allows you to embed the EXP360 Player directly onto your website through a simple JavaScript script plugin. This seamless integration provides your website visitors with a rich and interactive VR experience without leaving your site.

Increase user engagement and immersion by offering VR content directly within your website or during the booking process. This powerful feature helps you retain visitors, improve user satisfaction, and ultimately achieve better conversion rates.

Elevate Your Social Engagement with EXP360

VR Events, Conferencing & Social Sharing

Empower Your VR Experiences with Conferencing, Seamless Sharing and Powerful Analytics

EXP360 revolutionizes the way you engage with your audience by offering a range of social sharing capabilities, immersive experiences, and insightful analytics. Unlock the full potential of your VR content by connecting with users on various platforms, hosting virtual events, and tracking performance metrics to optimize your strategy.

Remote VR for the Web

Engage with your audience in real-time through a remote VR experience, guiding them through virtual environments for live sales sessions, call-center integration, remote training, or virtual tours. By reaching numerous peers simultaneously, you can create an interactive and immersive experience that transcends traditional online interactions.

Remote VR for VR headsets

Extend your VR guidance to remote locations with our VPN-based solution, allowing you to conduct immersive 360° training or sales sessions anywhere in the world. This seamless connectivity between the Guide App and the Viewer transforms the way you interact with clients or trainees, bridging distances and fostering productive virtual collaboration.

Virtual Event Platform

Host hybrid and online events in immersive environments with EXP360’s flexible virtual events platform. Featuring registration, analytics, full brand customization, and real-time evolution, you can build infinite areas, embed streams, integrate your favorite apps, and connect attendees with tailored content for a truly engaging experience.

Virtual Experiences

Captivate your audience with 360° interactive experiences that transport them to content-rich 3D virtual spaces. Utilizing bespoke 3D modeling, 360° photography, or video, we create user-friendly immersive content experiences for individual events or always-open instances, elevating your virtual presence.

Toolbox Share

Rapidly create and deploy your virtual tours and VR content with our intuitive Toolbox Share. Share your VR environments across social media channels, newsletters, websites, or printable QR codes, providing a seamless full-screen VR experience through the Share Page.

VR Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your VR experiences by tracking user journeys and performance metrics with EXP360’s VR Analytics. Understand the success of your content and make data-driven decisions to optimize your strategy, ensuring your VR experiences continue to captivate and engage your audience.

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