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Tourism Destinations

Immersive VR solutions for tourism destinations,
redefine travel planning and engagement.

Unite the whole region in a single virtual reality experience.

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Highlights for Tourism Destinations

Regional Content Library

Establish a comprehensive VR/360 content library for the entire region, accessible to all associated parties like Hotels, Sites, Operations, Services, and Events, etc.

Unified Content Sharing

Seamlessly share VR content with local tourist sites, hotels, operators, and other affiliated entities. Ensure consistent VR experiences across websites, VR headsets, stock page integrations, and more, with self-service capabilities for all.

Sales Funnel Integration

Implement built-in CTAs in the VR tours for driving higher conversions and effectively guiding potential visitors towards booking.

Content Production Service

Our global VR content production service takes 360° media of regions, destinations, nature, accommodations, facilities, events, & operations. The service includes post-production, too.

Booking Flow Integration

Seamlessly integrate VR experiences with the existing booking flow, ensuring a smooth and immersive pre-trip planning experience for tourists.

Interactive Floor Plans & Maps

Offer virtual tourists the convenience of integrated floor plans and maps, enhancing navigation and spatial understanding of the destination.

Region-wide VR Integration

Complete Immersion Across an Entire Destination

Unveiling the Full Scope of Your Tourism Region with VR

The expansive nature of a tourism region can be truly captured and showcased with our comprehensive VR solution. Dive deep into every nook and corner, every landmark and highlight, with our detailed and interconnected VR features:

Landmark Pins

Precise pins for notable sites, be it towering mountains, historic buildings, or other unique landmarks, ensuring users don't miss out on any major attraction.

Multiple VR Tour Entries

Offer an extensive range of VR tours, ensuring each significant site, be it a beach, museum, forest, or urban area, has its dedicated immersive experience.

Multiple VR Tour Entries

Offer an extensive range of VR tours, ensuring each significant site, be it a beach, museum, forest, or urban area, has its dedicated immersive experience.

Dynamic Hotspot Integrations

Infuse life into your VR tours with a variety of interactive elements. Integrate videos for a cinematic touch, audios for an authentic ambiance, high-resolution images for detailed insights, pop-ups for quick trivia, links for further reading, and iframes for comprehensive details.

Destination Map Convergence

Ensure your visitors never lose their way. Seamlessly integrate a detailed map of the region, offering users a bird's eye view of the destination, ensuring perfect orientation, and aiding in virtual exploration.
Virtual Tours for Tourism Destinations involve all aspects of experiences for tourists.

Virtual Tours of Destinations and Attractions

Maximize the allure of your destination with immersive 360 tours. Incorporate the broader environment for a holistic and enticing preview.

Integrate virtual tours of key attractions on official websites, tapping into the potential of 360° showcases. Engage potential tourists across diverse platforms, including your official site, booking portals, mobile apps, social channels, Remote VR, and print promotions.

Discover the vast potential of virtual tours as they bring to life the diverse attractions your destination offers. Virtual tourists can walk along sun-kissed beaches, explore lush nature trails, delve into interactive museum exhibits, or get an adrenaline rush from amusement parks, all from the comfort of their homes. Not just the natural and cultural sites, they can also embark on guided tours of accommodations, getting a feel for room layouts, amenities, and unique facilities. Whether it's the mystique of historic landmarks or the luxury of a resort spa, immersive VR tours provide a comprehensive preview, encouraging travelers to experience it in person.

Virtual Destination Familiarization

Empowering Travel Agents for Enhanced Sales

Empower travel agents and tour operators with an unrivaled depth of knowledge about your destination. Without leaving their offices, they can immerse themselves in high-quality VR experiences that vividly present the unique selling points, ambiance, and highlights of the region. Such firsthand virtual experiences equip agents to market and sell with confidence, offering personal insights and recommendations to potential tourists.

Familiarizing Guests with Operational Procedures

Vacationing guests often have queries about various operational aspects of their trip, from port procedures for cruises, to gondola etiquette in Venice, or even the ins and outs of local rental policies. Virtual familiarization sessions help in demystifying these processes.

By letting guests experience these operations virtually beforehand, uncertainties are eliminated, leading to a smoother, more enjoyable vacation experience. This proactive approach reduces the number of queries and concerns on the day, ensuring guests feel informed, confident, and relaxed.


VR Integration with Destination Maps

Experience Destinations with Interactive Map Overlays

Introducing the power of pinboard integrated maps, offering users an interactive and immersive way to explore a destination. By seamlessly merging high-definition VR visuals with pinpoint map accuracy, users can virtually tour specific sites and attractions by simply clicking on a location.

Whether it's a secluded beach, a hidden historical landmark, or a buzzing local market, these map-integrated VR tours provide an enriched, holistic view of a destination. It's more than just a map; it's a virtual adventure waiting to be embarked upon.

Cultural Events in VR

Virtually Immortalizing Regional Cultural Identity

In every corner of the world, events spring forth that define the cultural identity of a region. With our VR solutions, these moments can be captured and shared, ensuring they continue to touch souls, incite curiosity, and offer immersive experiences for years to come.

Traditional Processions

Whether it's a parade celebrating local folklore, a tribal dance in a remote village, or a grand procession through city streets, VR can bring viewers right into the midst of the spectacle, letting them feel the vibrancy and passion of the event.

Music Festivals and Events

From jazz festivals in historic squares to modern music events in sprawling parks, capture every note, every emotion, and every movement. Let viewers experience the joy of music in its full splendor, right from the comfort of their homes.

Gamification in VR

Transform Exploration into Interactive Adventures

Immerse guests in a dynamic journey through virtual destinations. Merge the thrill of scavenger hunts with the discovery of hidden "eastereggs" within tours. As travelers engage, reward their curiosity with incentives like raffles and exclusive vouchers. This fusion of gameplay and sightseeing enriches their virtual experience, fostering a deeper connection to the destination.

Extend EXP360 with 360° Webcams - with

Live, Interactive Destination Showcases

Elevate your destination's presentation with Panomax's high-resolution 360° webcams. These immersive panoramic images, boasting up to 470 megapixels per shot, present a vivid and real-time view of your locale. Interactivity fused with stunning clarity offers visitors an authentic taste of what awaits them.

Seamless Hardware & Customizable Software

Panomax's sleek, weatherproof design ensures minimal intrusion into scenic views, requiring only a pole, power, and internet connection. Remotely accessible, these cameras guarantee continuous quality control. The user-friendly software lets you personalize the panorama's interface. Highlight attractions, label peaks, map trails, and promote local businesses, curating an enticing visual journey for viewers.

The EXP360 Synergy

Our platform complements Panomax's offerings, making it an integrated experience. Not only can EXP360 import existing Panomax snapshots, but it also seamlessly links back to live Panomax feeds. Within a virtual tour of a destination, the camera's precise location can be pinpointed and merged with the tour through an interactive button. Plus, by broadcasting live panoramas to hotel room TVs, guests can indulge in a continuous, real-time spectacle of the destination's beauty.

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