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Real Estate & Architecture

Build virtual tours with your 360 media and show your properties on the web or in live-guided VR tours

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Floor Plans & Maps

Add floor plans & maps to your virtual real estate tour and help your clients find their way around.

QR Code on print media

Add the QR Code of your properties to your exposés and allow your peers to tour the listing on their phone - in 360°

Content Production Service

Our global VR content production service takes 360° media of your properties. The service includes post-production, too.

CAD / 3D Renderings

Add CAD drawings and 3D Renderings to the experience to provide a better understanding to your clients.

Content Sharing

Reach your clients at their fingertips and share your virtual house tours on the web, mobile phone, social media, or property listing portals.

Guided Tours

Guide your peers through your properties - live and remotely - with EXP360 Remote VR and VR Conferencing


Virtual Tours of properties and homes

Provide your clients 360° tours of your properties

Create virtual house tours with the EXP360 VR Cloud Solutions and enrich your property listings with virtual tours of your homes.

Reach your audience efficiently and benefit from our interconnected VR channels like your website, real estate portals, mobile apps, social media, and print media.


Shared virtual tours in real-time - remotely

Show your homes in shared 360 tour - with Remote VR

Guide your customers through your VR tour - live and remotely. Invite your peers to a shared virtual tour with you. Have them join your session with you and guide them around your facilities.

Your clients don’t need a VR headset at home to join your VR tour. Smartphones or desktop browsers are enough. Connect multiple clients in a shared session from all over the world without image quality loss (as this is not a screen sharing solution).

Virtual Room Staging

3D Render Service for virtual walk throughs

EXP360 3D render service creates virtual tours of future buildings for clients to tour their new home. We bring your virtual environment to life. We export the required positions, add them to the EXP360 workflow, add VR Objects and make them available for the EXP360 play-out channels.

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