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About us
Providing VR and 360 services from all over the world

Making 360 possible

When EXP360 was founded, the vision was very clear – Develop a user-friendly VR product that is accessible to various markets and budgets.

Our people are at the heart of everything we do. Our global team have careers spanning the cruise ship, hotels, IT, and sales/marketing industries, and we draw on our collective experience and industry knowledge, to ensure your success.

We work with our customers in three core areas: Collaborate - InnovateDeliver. The important part is, not what we do – but how we do it. We are focussed on delivering the right customer outcomes. Our (industries and use cases) show different ways the product portfolio can be adapted to various scenarios.

Our focus is always on our clients’ needs and on our main goal, which is to fulfill the mission: Make VR and 360 commercially beneficial! Our industries and use cases show different ways how our the product portfolio is and can be used.

If you are curious about meeting us, come see us in one of our offices. Alternativly, find out at which events or trade shows you can meet us.

Find out more about our clients and partners who we build long-term relationships with.

If you are interested in challenging your industry with a competitive edge, an initial discussion with one of our directors is a great start.