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Our Services

Besides our VR Solutions, we offer a range of services

We offer a range of content production and implementation services to help you bring your vision to life.

The members of our content production team travel globally to capture your venue, location, and training session. The editing team polishes the footage and prepares it for action.
If you prefer a 3D rendered environment, we are happy to model your VR environment for your virtual conferences and meetings.
With our HR & education partners, we can support your staff training initiative with strategy consulting and help you getting VR training implemented.


Content Production Service

Our full-service content production service brings your venues, destinations, locations, products, or training sessions to life.

Our global full-service 360° production service produces virtual tours, virtual trainings and events with state-of-the-art equipment.


3D Render Service

Our 3D render service produces your virtual booths, environments and showrooms.

We bring your virtual environment to life. We export the required positions, add them to the EXP360 workflow, add VR Objects and hold them available for the EXP360 play-out channels.

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