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EXP360 is a virtual reality (VR) software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider that serves B2B clients around the world. We offer a comprehensive solution that includes not only the CMS cloud technology to create and deliver VR and 360 experiences, but also support for content shooting, VR content creation, 3D renderings, and delivery of complete VR experiences to end-users.

One of the products that we offer is the “Guide Kit“, a hardware package that includes everything needed for a smooth VR experience, based on VR headsets. The Guide Kit includes 1-30 VR headsets, a tablet for the guide or teacher to control the VR experience, and a wifi router. This bundle is handily packed in a hard case for easy transportation.

In our Guide Kit lab, we assemble these kits, preload them with specific VR content, and set them up for an out-of-the-box virtual reality experience for our clients. Thousands of VR Headsets are branded with logos and stickers to match the corporate CI of the clients, which also adds to the immersive experience.

In this blog post, we provide examples how our clients use the EXP360 Guide Kits to enable new use cases in virtual reality.

VR Headsets shipped in 2022, by use case (approx. 1590 total)

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In 2022, EXP360 shipped a total of 1,590 VR headsets with VR content for clients around the world. In particular, 14 different clients from various industries ordered guide kits, mainly for five different use cases: Elderly Care, Medical & Therapy, Marketing & Tourism, Education, and Recruiting. These statistics demonstrate the growing demand for VR technology in various industries and the effectiveness of EXP360’s guide kits in meeting that demand.

Corporate Use Cases for Branded VR Hardware

Elderly care

One of the key use cases for the EXP360 guide kits is in elderly care. Virtual reality (VR) can be used to enhance the entertainment and overall quality of life for seniors, offering a variety of experiences such as virtual trips and activities that promote mental wellness and joy. Some providers even use VR specifically for seniors living with dementia.

One of the major benefits of VR for elderly care is enriched cognitive stimulation. Studies have shown that a combination of physical and cognitive activity can lead to an improvement in cognitive health in seniors. With VR, seniors can explore new environments, participate in physical exercise, and engage in immersive reminiscence therapy, all from the comfort of their home.

VR also has the potential to improve medical outcomes for seniors by promoting day-to-day quality of life, physical exercise, socialization and positive mental health practices. Our guide kits are an easy and accessible way for senior living communities and seniors at home to take advantage of the power of VR and make aging more engaging.

Medical & Therapy

Virtual Reality technology has also been used in medical and therapy settings to help patients cope with pain, anxiety, and other physical and mental health conditions. In particular, the EXP360 guide kids have been used to help patients with chronic pain, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), birth depression and conflict handling.

Guide Kits have been preloaded with content which provides patients a sense of control and distraction, allowing them to focus on something other than their pain. In such use cases of exposure therapy, a patient with chronic pain can use VR to take a virtual tour of a beautiful beach, which can help to reduce their pain perception. Similarly, a patient with a phobia can use VR to confront their fear in a safe, controlled environment.

Post Partum Psychosis (PPP), which is a rare condition that affects about 2 in 1000 mothers soon after giving birth. Virtual reality can be used to study how people react to stress and how it relates to PPP. Researchers can use VR to create a realistic environment to test a person’s thoughts, feelings, actions, and physical responses to that environment. This can be helpful in understanding how to prevent and treat Post Partum Psychosis.

Some of our clients use their guide kits to help people manage conflict, by providing virtual environments that simulate different scenarios and allowing individuals to practice dealing with difficult situations in a safe and controlled environment.

In summary, the EXP360 guide kits provide a comprehensive solution for medical and therapy use cases. It can help patients to cope with pain, anxiety, and other physical and mental health conditions, like birth depression, conflict handling, and provide a cost-effective and non-invasive alternative to traditional treatment methods.

Virtual reality helps connect residents with dementia

Ponte Vedra Gardens Alzheimer’s Special Care Center is always looking for ways to further open up the streams of communication with their residents and they are now using virtual reality to do so.

Thanks to a partnership with Viva Vita, an organization that specializes in delivering virtual reality to senior communities across the country, they have implemented the program for the past six months.

Since it got started, Ponte Vedra Gardens Program Director Jennifer McCormick has seen a difference being made in the people’s response to it. “It’s certainly the way of the future,” McCormick said. “Especially during COVID, we began trying to find ways to help seniors feel more connected.” According to McCormick, everyone at the facility has some form of dimension, but they can all take part in the virtual reality exercises if they choose to.

Marketing & Tourism

Virtual reality technology has also been used in marketing and tourism to help companies showcase their products and services. With the EXP360 Guide Kits, companies can provide immersive virtual experiences that allow customers to explore their facilities and services before they even visit in person.

In 2022, about 120 VR headsets where configured for the following two use cases:

One example is a start-up in the hospitality field that is not yet ready to show their facilities to guests. They use the guide kits in meetings, travel agencies, road shows and tourism trade shows to provide virtual tours of their future facilities to potential guests, allowing them to get a sense of what the experience will be like when the facilities are ready.

Another example is a client who uses the VR headsets to showcase the onboard facilities of an airplane in first and business class to their clients. This allows them to select seats, visualize the amenities and even push for upgrades, making the experience more interactive and personalized.

The EXP360 Guide Kits are great for marketing and tourism cases, however, they need a personal interaction to the guest. This usually happens in travel agencies or during road shows or exhibitions.


In 2022, about 255 VR headsets were configured for EXP360 clients in the education sector, providing students with immersive and interactive learning experiences. The EXP360 Guide Kits are particularly well-suited for this purpose, as they allow students to watch and observed procedures that are standardized.

For example, in emergency training, procedures are highly standardized. VR can be used to simulate different emergency scenarios, allowing students to practice procedures in a safe and controlled environment. This can help them to become more confident and proficient in handling real-life emergencies.

In the hospitality field, service procedures remain unchanged due to the high-quality standard to be provided to guests. VR can be used to train employees on these processes, allowing them to familiarize themselves with the facilities and services, cutting learning time simnifically while improving the quality of service provided to guests.


Virtual reality technology can help to recruit workforce. The 360 / VR content support to provide job applicants with a more immersive and accurate representation of the workplace. Three different clients with a total of about 30 new VR headsets in 2022 use 360/VR content for recruiting. They use braned guide kits in recruiting exhibitions to give job applicants a virtual tour of the workplace and get them an idea of what to expect. This can help to attract more qualified applicants and improve the overall quality of the candidate pool.

The Impact of Branded VR Hardware

Branding opportunities are a key benefit of the EXP360 Guide Kits. By providing clients with branded VR hardware in their corporate identity, the guide kits are transformed into an extension of the client’s brand. This creates a sense of professionalism and enhances the overall impact of the guide kits when they are used in trade shows, meetings, or other events.

For example, one of our clients in the cruising industry has a branding policy that makes everything look like a unified corporate identity, which creates a sense of unity when guests come to the branded booth at a trade show. They watch 360 footage of the cruise ship, book online, and get a brochure. People remember the branding and the experience.

In addition, the branded guide kits can help to increase brand awareness and recognition. By using the guide kits in different contexts, such as trade shows or events, the client’s brand will be seen by a wider audience, which can lead to increased brand recognition and awareness.

Virtual Reality in Business Training


The EXP360 guide kits have proven to be a valuable asset for a wide range of industries and use cases. From elderly care and medical therapy to marketing and tourism, education, and recruiting, the guide kits provide an immersive and customizable experience that can enhance the overall impact of the content. The guide kits are shipped globally, with 1590 VR headsets configured, branded, and preloaded with VR content in 2022 alone.

The branded guide kits are a key element of the EXP360 offering, providing clients with the opportunity to customize the guide kits to their corporate identity. This creates a sense of professionalism and enhances the overall impact of the guide kits when they are used in trade shows, meetings, or other events. The guide kits are also a powerful tool for increasing brand awareness and recognition.

All in all, the EXP360 guide kits are a cost-effective solution for delivering VR content and providing an immersive, branded experience that can be used in a wide range of industries and use cases. The guide kits are a great way to take advantage of the possibilities that immersive experiences create, and they will continue to be a valuable asset for businesses looking to leverage the power of virtual reality.


Hi there! My name is Simon and I have been working in technical key accounting for over a decade. In the past 5 years, I have also focused on virtual reality (VR), helping clients integrating EXP360's VR SaaS tools into their processes and infrastructure. With my experience in both technical key accounting and VR, I am well-equipped to provide insights and solutions for a variety of challenges.