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EXP360 VR White Label Solution

The EXP360 VR White Label solution equips our partners with the right VR / 360° tools to scale their business and increase revenue.

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EXP360 VR White Label

The EXP360 White Label solutions is for our partners to offers their clients a more personalised and familiar VR Cloud system. This includes logos and brand colours as well as a clean URL.

Design your own VR Cloud solutions and embed them into your existing portfolio. We take care of the rest in the background.

We created the EXP360 Partner Program, which enables our global partners & friends to promote, sell, integrate and manage EXP360 VR & 360 solutions globally.

VR Cloud Solutions

Web-based GUI tools to create excellent VR and 360° experiences.

Multi Use-Case

Utilize 360° & VR experiences for multiple use-cases.

Publish across platforms

Distribute VR & 360° experience on all channels simultaneously.

Content Ownership

Provide a safe infrastructure and ownership for all your content.

Branding & CI

Add your branding to your VR Cloud Solution to improve customer experience.

Role Management

Create organizations and manage the permissions of your clients.

White Label VR Cloud Infrastructure

The EXP360 White Label VR Cloud equips your business with the following cloud tools:

Control Center

Control Center is the heart of the VR Cloud Infrastructure. The 360 / VR content as well as your clients are managed here.


VR / 360 Content and Asset uploads as well as content processing is managed in the White Label Toolbox.


Provide your clients the ability to track the performance of their VR content while you keep track of your clients’ actvitities.

Share Pages

Share & View Pages are a quick way to share content with clients, eg in newsletters, chatrooms, social media, etc.


Build any virtual event or virtual experience and host them for any size audience.

Remote VR

Guide your audience through your 360° / VR experiences – ideal for remote locations or educations purposes.

White Label VR Channels

Rapidly deploy virtual environments to different channels like websites and web-based applications, VR share pages, VR conferencing and events, own mobile apps, VR headsets, social media, Remote VR, or entire (virtual) classrooms (hardware- & software-based).

Web Integration

Integrate VR / 360° content on websites, social media, chatrooms and direkt-share.

VR Headsets & Classroom Kits

Use VR headset where they work best: Exhibitions & Trade-Shows, Training, Education, Entertainment

Mobile Apps

Reach the audience with our mobile-app, or integrate VR capabilities into your existing mobile apps.

Virtual Events & Conferencing

Host virtual events with our conferencing platform and meet virtually in your 360 / VR environments.

Remote VR

Guide your audience through your virtual worlds.

Custom Integration

Deploy your content to your application, like LMS systems or e-commerce systems.

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