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EXP360 - Expanding Reality. Virtually.

EXP360 - Your Gateway to the Metaverse

We enable enterprises to run immersive use cases in 360° and VR

EXP360 offers a comprehensive, cloud-based platform for businesses to build, manage, and share virtual reality and 360° content across multiple industries and use-cases.

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Enterprise VR as a Service

The CMS for the Metaverse

EXP360 is not another provider for virtual tours. It‘s the CMS for the metaverse. A platform that enables clients to use any digital content for different use cases – at anytime and wherever needed.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Digital Content

Transform your 360° and VR media into engaging experiences with our powerful, user-friendly platform, and reach your audience across various channels and devices.

Explore New Opportunities Across Industries

From hospitality and real estate to education and manufacturing, EXP360 empowers businesses to create immersive virtual environments tailored to their unique needs and goals.

Experience the EXP360 Advantage

Leverage our cloud-based CMS, open formats, and compatibility with leading VR headsets to create, manage, and distribute your content efficiently and effectively.

Maximize Value with Multi-Use Content

Efficiently repurpose your 360° and VR experiences for multiple use-cases, streamlining content creation while enhancing its impact and reach across your organization.

Immersive Business Use Cases

Why EXP360?

EXP360 enables you to create immersive virtual environments and distribute them across multiple channels, reaching your audience on any device, at any place. Our cloud-based VR infrastructure accelerates initiatives in the field of virtual reality and 360°, empowering businesses across various industries to run better use cases.

Cloud-Based CMS & Authoring Solution

Manage your content securely and conveniently in our cloud-based platform, accessible from anywhere at any time.

Publish Across Channels and Platforms

Distribute your VR & 360° experiences simultaneously on all channels, including web, mobile apps, VR headsets, and more.

Powerful Editor & Simple VR Scene Creator

Our easy-to-use tools empower you to create immersive virtual environments without any technical expertise.

Multi-Use of Content

Efficiently utilize 360° & VR experiences for multiple use-cases across various industries, maximizing the value of your content.

Open Formats

EXP360 supports most open mono- and stereoscopic VR image & video formats, ensuring compatibility and flexibility.

No MDM Needed

Enjoy hassle-free deployment without the need for Mobile Device Management, streamlining the process for your organization.

Simple Workflows

How EXP360 works


Produce 360° VR content

Take 360 pictures or videos of your scenes, or export renderings from your 3D software.

Upload your media to the EXP360 VR Cloud

Upload your 360° and VR content to the EXP360 VR Cloud.

Create and maintain VR environments

Use the EXP360 VR Tools to create and maintain virtual environments by enriching them with VR Objects by placing images, videos, teleports, documents, files, and more.

Instant delivery of 360 content across multiple channels

Reach your audience efficiently and benefit from our interconnected VR channels, like web browser, mobile app, LMS systems, VR headset kits, or print media.

Review the performance in VR Analytics

Track the consumption of VR and 360 media and review its performance in visual dashboards and detailed reports.

Our Portfolio

Virtual Tours

Allow visitors to tour your properties, hotels, offices, and homes. Guide them through your VR tour and deliver immersive booking experiences.

Virtual Training

Create immersive real-duty scenarios with the EXP360 VR Cloud Solutions and have your staff join the learning environment on any device.

Virtual Events & Exhibitions

Host your sales events, trade shows, product presentations, and conventions virtually. Invite your clients and communicate with them with video conferencing inside the 360/VR environment.

EXP360 Wayfinding


Create wayfinding application with the EXP360 VR Cloud Tools and have your visitors find their way with ease and confidence.

Virtual Construction Site

Create construction site tours in the EXP360 VR Cloud and enrich them with VR Objects. Tour them with your engineers from home and use the content for documentation purposes.

Interactive Storytelling

Let your creativity shine and create an interactive digital story. Invite your audience across multiple devices and leave the storyline open.

Our Industries

Cruise Industry

Clients in the cruise industry utilize the upgrade potential of virtual tours and Remote VR sales sessions. Virtual crew training and VR port documentation improve operational excellence.


Hotels and accommodation providers increase their booking rate with virtual tours of their rooms and facilities on their websites. Virtual training cuts onboarding time of staff significantly.

Real Estate & Architecture

Real estate clients enjoy virtual tours and 3D-rendered room stagings of their listings across all play-out channels. They also run guided tours remotely.

Health Care

EXP360 Solutions enables our clients in the health care industry to use virtual reality and 360° technology for education, patient & visitor orientation as well as employer branding.

Universities & Education

We help to build immersive universities and contribute to Education 4.0. VR and 360° technologies offer new ways to deliver course content in virtual learning environments – with our LMS integration.

Manufacturing & Construction

VR Training, VR Sales, Marketing and Company Presentation or Compliance Documentation – Manufacturing & Construction companies integrate VR Solution into operations.


Track the consumption of VR and 360 media

Detailed insights

VR Analytics covers all EXP360 output channels and provides holistic insights into the media consumption.


Dashboards with heatmaps and reports allow a deep understanding of the success of 360° media with your peers.

Custom integrations

Integrate and customize your web-stats to your existing marketing & analytics tool.

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Virtual Showrooms - alternative website concepts

Experience EXP360 in our virtual booth

Enter the Virtual World of EXP360

We make it simple to share your VR & 360° experience with target audiences

Use our web-based GUI tools to upload, enhance, and publish your content across all platforms.

Open formats

EXP360 supports most open mono- and stereoscopic VR image & videos formats. Therefore, our clients remain in control of their uploaded assets and can retrieve them anytime.

Content Production Service

Let us create your use case. Our global full-service 360° production service produces virtual tours, virtual trainings and events with state-of-the-art equipment.

Content Editing & 3D Render Service

We process all major open 3D models and CAD-formats, and add them to your virtual experience.

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