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Revolutionizing Health and Safety Education with VR Safety Training: EXP360 and PWC Austria Collaboration

EXP360 and PWC Austria reinvent health and safety education through VR Safety Training - focusing on roof work, ladder usage, and first aid post-fall scenarios.

EXP360 is proud to unveil a cutting-edge project in collaboration with PWC Austria, heralding a new era in health and safety education through VR Safety Training.

The initial phase of this project will concentrate on creating immersive VR Safety Training modules covering three fundamental areas of workplace safety – working on roofs, using ladders, and first aid procedures following a fall. The choice of these scenarios is based on their high-risk nature and the significant benefits that realistic, interactive VR training can deliver.

Our collaboration with PWC Austria aims to alter the landscape of safety training by utilizing the immersive and engaging aspects of VR. We are determined to offer training experiences that are not only instructive but also effectively mitigate the risk of workplace accidents by facilitating practice in a safe, controlled VR environment.

Thomas Pfitzer, CEO of EXP360, believes in the transformative potential of VR Safety Training to redefine conventional training approaches. “Our collaboration with PWC Austria exemplifies our commitment to convert workplace safety training into an engaging and immersive experience, moving away from traditional learning methods.”

In creating these safety training modules for PWC Austria, EXP360 will employ its innovative 360DOF (Degrees of Freedom) approach. This method, which forms the core of EXP360’s VR ecosystem, uses a combination of 3-DOF-based VR experiences and interactive “VR Objects”. With this strategy, we can craft intricate and interactive VR environments without requiring complex 3D engines or significant development times.

Stay connected for more updates as we chart this remarkable journey towards safer workplaces in partnership with PWC Austria.


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