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In the realm of virtual reality, EXP360 introduces an innovative feature that seamlessly blends the virtual with the real: the SeeThrough Mode. This mode represents a significant leap towards mixed reality (MR), where digital elements overlay the physical world, fostering an environment where users can engage with both realms simultaneously.

In the VR Guide Kit, the SeeThrough Mode can be enabled in two ways (for supporting VR headsets): manually from the tablet, or when the VR experience enables it.

A New Dimension of Mixed Reality

SeeThrough Mode leverages the capabilities of VR headsets equipped with external cameras, transforming them into portals to a mixed reality experience. This feature allows users to start their journey in the tangible world and gradually transition into the virtual space. Such a seamless blend offers a comforting bridge for users, especially beneficial in settings where maintaining a connection to the real world is crucial.

Enhancing Comfort and Familiarity

Particularly in therapy sessions and retirement homes, SeeThrough Mode stands out as a groundbreaking tool. For individuals in these settings, the abrupt transition from their immediate environment to a wholly virtual space can sometimes trigger feelings of disorientation or anxiety. SeeThrough Mode mitigates these challenges by introducing VR objects and elements gradually, maintaining a connection to the familiar surroundings before fully immersing them into the virtual experience.

A Gateway to a Gentle Immersion

This mode is not just a feature; it’s a thoughtful approach to user comfort and familiarity. By allowing participants to visually anchor themselves in their real environment as they engage with virtual elements, SeeThrough Mode creates a gentle immersion process. This is particularly advantageous for elderly individuals or those undergoing therapy, who might find sudden immersion unsettling. It ensures that participants can ease into the VR experience at their own pace, making it an inclusive tool that respects the user’s comfort level.

Conclusion: A Step Forward in Mixed Reality

SeeThrough Mode by EXP360 is more than an advancement in VR technology; it’s a testament to the potential of mixed reality in enhancing user experiences across various settings. By thoughtfully integrating the real and the virtual, this mode opens up new possibilities for therapy, retirement care, and beyond, ensuring that users can embark on virtual journeys without losing touch with the comfort of their physical surroundings. As we continue to explore the capabilities of MR, SeeThrough Mode stands as a pioneering feature that bridges worlds, offering a compassionate entry point into the vast possibilities of virtual exploration.

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