One platform to rule them all!

The plug & play principle

Manage all your pictures and videos in the content management system, our Control Center. And our VR Toolbox gives you all the functions you need to enhance the content accordingly. It‘s all web-based and you will not need to implement any additional infrastructure or applications.

Our favorite words in this game? Drag’n drop! It doesn’t have to be more complicated than that no matter what you want to do with you content.

Upload it to the platform on the Direct Upload. From there, you can use several tools to enhance the content. If it is already perfect as is, less work for you.

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Pimp! My! Panorama!

Enhance the 360 panoramas with any kind of 2D footage that you want, like pictures and videos, include teleport functions, audio files, sub-titles or descriptions – it all works with our VR Objects. If you want to include additional information to make sales, marketing, training, recruiting or documentation content more self-explanatory, VR Objects will help you to get that done within minutes. You might already suspect it. Right, it works with drag and drop to ensure you can do this anytime yourself without any dependence on us and without engaging geeky people from your team. It is designed for non-IT users.

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On the map

Instantly create maps with embedded 360 content like this one using our VR Pinboard. You might want to try this out. Click on any of the blue EYEcons and browse around on your computer screen or view the content on your phone using our EXP360 Personal App. Don’t hesitate installing it. It needs very little storage, is safe and you won’t receive any spam messages. It is made for you to enjoy 360 content on your phone. Not more not less. How to create a VR Pinboard?

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No more blind spots

And anything you need to know about your content usage including AI featured heat maps, you’ll find it in our VR Analytics. Helps to constantly improve your content and for use cases like Marketing Analytics. The data provided to you comes out of the box and will also help you improve content production. You will not need to involve your Data Science Officer in the company to understand what those statistics tell you.

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