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Destination Marketing

Present your destination in 360°

Nestled right in the middle of your environment, draw attention to your hotspots.

Include the surroundings to provide a perfect preview of your destination.

Virtual Tours

Create and deliver Virtual Tours with EXP360

Create virtual tours with the EXP360 VR Cloud Tools and publish your tour across multiple channels. Reach your audience efficiently and benefit from our interconnected VR channels like your website, book flow, guest experience portals, mobile apps, social media, Remote VR, and print media.

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Virtual Events & Exhibitions

Have your sales events and conventions virtually in rendered booths

Invite your clients to your 360° virtual trade show and communicate with them effectively – with Remote VR and video chat integration.

Interactive Storytelling

Tell your digital story and leave the storyline up to the audience.

Prepare your stages, characters, walk-throughs, voice-overs, and settings, and leave it up to your audience how they explore your 360° virtual experience.

Learn more about Interactive Storytelling

Portfolio for Marketing & Sales

EXP360 Virtual Training and Virtual Tours for Hotels

Virtual Tour – by Louis Hotels

14 March 2021

Virtual Tour – Ship Tour

14 March 2021

Exhibition Hall

Check out the EXP360 exhibition hall, which features use-cases & industries, a mountain dome, and a full-scale three-screen auditorium.

Casino Training

Casino Training

24 March 2021

Virtual Recruiting Events

(External) Check out the virtual, interactive, and self-guided tour of Advent Health's in-person conference booth.

The Petra EXPerience

Visit Petra in Jordan, one of the most magnificent places on Earth, and experience the rich history of this place.

Interactive Storytelling

Interactive Storytelling

18 February 2021

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