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360 Website & Mobile Integration
Integrate your 360° media into your processes and reach your audience efficiently.

Website & Mobile Integration Add EXP360 media to your website and mobile app

EXP360 enables you to integrate your 360° media into your business processes. Your 360° content benefits from our interconnected VR channels like websites, mobile apps, social media, remote VR, and print media to reach your audience efficiently.

The EXP360 Control Center manages your website integration with simple HTML / JS code snippets, it controls the 360° media available in the (branded) mobile Android & iOS apps we provide. You can generate a QR code for your print media, which can be scanned with your mobile app.

VR Pinboard Add virtual tours to maps and floor plans

A VR Pinboard is a way to communicate the location of 360° content on a map. This can help guests to find their way around a hotel, a cruise ship, an airport, or a tourist attraction. VR Pinboards are utilized in real estate to showcase objects and for emergency and evacuation training purposes.

As other EXP360 services, VR Pinboards are created in a web editor. This allows any role within an organization to create VR Pinboards, add 360 and VR media, and publish them to any web application. A simple code snippet enable the integration in any web application.

Personal VR Mobile App Get your customized and branded VR Mobile App

The Personal App brings 360° media on smartphones, where the gyroscope sensors are utilized to determine the direction of view. Optional cardboards enhance the 360° experience. The app is available on Google Play and the App Store and is pre-configured with a playlist of VR content. New 360° media that has been pre-coded in a QR code can be scanned and watched in the app.

We fully customize and brand the app to CI standards for our clients.

Download the EXP360 Personal App

VR Objects Turn your 360° media into compelling VR content

VR Objects enable your 360° media to be enriched with classic media like pictures, videos, audio tracks, text fields, overlays, and subtitles.

Teleport fields allow walk-throughs, Bluetooth elements control external devices, and 3D Unity objects extend the area of application immensely.

QR Code & Print Media Integration Distribute your QR codes to increase the reach of your 360° media

The reference to every 360° video, image, or playlist can be coded into a QR code that can be scanned with the EXP360 Personal App. This QR code can materialize on print mediums like flyers, magazines, stickers, or billboards.