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Guide Kit - Our VR Headset Solution
Guide your audience through your VR and 360 content

Present your VR content in the Guide Kit Immersive sales and training sessions with VR and 360 content

The Guide Kit is the tool of choice to guide your audience through VR and 360° content in face-to-face meetings. The minimal configuration of a Guide Kit consists of one tablet and a set of VR headsets, which are connected through a wireless network. The guide is in control of the VR footage of all connected goggles. That way, the audience shares the same 360° experience while being exposed to the guidance of the guide.

The guide can direct the audience by the medium of an arrow, which is shown quite prominently in the goggles. Additionally, the guide has a live feed of all headset focal points.

Currently, we feature the Oculus Go as our reference VR headset for EXP360 Guide Kits. Our clients can download the EXP360 Guide App from the Oculus Store, while our software is compatible with any Android™-based VR headset.

Find our most important Guide Kit features in the sections below:

Explorer Mode Virtual Reality in kiosk mode

On the contrary to guiding elements of the Guide Kit, the Explorer Mode puts control back into the hands of the viewers. An arena-like menu allows the viewers to navigate freely through the available content, optionally without the use of the hand controller. The guide can withdraw the Explorer Mode anytime and establish a guiding scenario for any connected goggle.

Classroom VR Virtual Reality for up to 30 students

Show your 360 and VR content in your corporate training session and with your class in schools and universities for teaching and role-plays. Take advantage of the fact that students actively enjoying a VR session have your undistracted attention.

Our Classroom VR kit comes with up to 30 VR headsets and the teacher's tablet. The hardware cases allow secure storage and convenient charging. Pushing new content to the different VR headsets is as simple as with our Guide Kit.

Remote VR Virtual training and sales sessions with VR headsets remotely.

Remote VR extends the capabilities of VR guiding to remote locations via a VPN-based connection between the Guide App and the Viewer. This enables our clients to run remote training or sales sessions in 360°.

In case the viewer does not have a VR headset handy, use our Remote VR Server and start a shared web-based VR session, where your clients can connect from anywhere around the world.

VR Objects Turn your 360 content into compelling VR content

VR Objects enable the 360° footage to be enriched with additional information like pictures, videos, audio tracks, text fields, and subtitles. Teleport fields load other 360° videos or images, which allow walk-throughs.

3D Objects like the drone in the video make the 360 experience more interactive, which may support the purpose of different VR use cases.

VR Analytics

VR Analytics covers all EXP360 output channels and provides holistic insights about 360° media consumption. Dashboards with heatmaps and reports allow a deep understanding of the success of 360° media with your peers.