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Remote VR - an immersive e-training solution
Guide your trainees through your 360° content and roll-out virtual training sessions in real-time

Train your staff virtually before they are on-site

EXP360 Remote VR combines the benefits of eLearning solutions with the disruptive character of immersive learning. The training courses take place in virtual versions of workplaces and facilities, and highlight the different processes and procedures which are essential for duty.

During a Remote VR session, trainers guide their trainees in a one-to-many setup through the 360 content, and discuss points of interest together, control the direction-of-view for all trainees and point out hotspots with additional information. Meanwhile, the trainee may explore the training elements on his own.

Remote VR - How it works A live trainer guides trainees through 360 training content

  1. Participants enter the Remote VR learning environment on a web browser, a mobile app, or an Android™-based VR headset
  2. A live trainer connects to the sessions and guides the participants through the 360 learning content. The trainer controls the meeting, the direction-of-view, as well as the hotspots with additional information
  3. Available 360 courses may be explored autonomously during the training session

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Remote VR - Features Train your staff remotely before they are on-site

Remote VR is part of the EXP360 ecosystem and benefits from its scalable infrastructure and open architecture.


Join from desktops, mobile, or Android™-based VR headset

One-to-many setup

Reach multiple remote trainees at once

Content Library

Utilize our library of 360° training content for quick roll-out

VR Experience

Create interactive VR training courses with web-based editors


Integrate Remote VR in your existing learning environment


Track the virtual training consumption with insights & analytics

Use Cases & Examples for Remote VR

Logistics & supply chain

Train the procedures & tasks for shop assistant positions remotely with 360 supermarket content and cut on-site and face-to-face training time.

Real Estate

Tour the property together with your customer and show him around, just the way you would during an actual site visit

Hospitality & Cruising Industry

Invite your customers to a joined Remote VR session and show them their hotel room and destination.

Medical & Laboratory

Discuss the procedures of testing and screening facilities with medical staff before they arrive on-site.

Sanitation & Hygiene

Show pre-trained cleaning personnel on how to sanitize and disinfect facilities and public areas remotely.