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Virtual Trade Show
Utilize EXP360 solutions to have your sales events and conventions virtually

Invite your clients to your 360° virtual trade show and communicate with them effectively
- with Remote VR and video chat integration.

Reach your audience virtually and continue selling

EXP360's VR and 360° solutions enable our clients to run 360° trade shows and virtual sales events and continue with client acquisition. We create customized 360° sales environments in 3D and allow visitors to tour the virtual convention. We also work with your existing virtual booths and enhance them with our tools.

Features like VR Objects, Remote VR, and video chat integration don't only allow self-management, but also easy integration and real-time video communication with visitors.

Integrate your virtual tradeshow booth on your website. It's a great additional landing page to showcase your products and services.

Contact our sales team and schedule a free virtual trade show session.

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Keep your channels open to communicate with visitors Utilize Remote VR and Video Chat Integration

Integrate the virtual trade show on your website and newsletters to keep your trade show booth open 24/7. Communicate with your visitors via chat* or directly via video chat, and guide them through your convention with Remote VR.

*Contact us to connect your communication tools with your virtual trade show. We use Intercom for our virtual trade show chat communincation, while the video & voice chat rooms run on EXP360 infrastructure.

Virtual Trade Show with EXP360 - How it works

  1. We create your virtual trade show environment and include your existing 3D models. We also work with any existing assets.
  2. Upload and maintain your images, videos, audio guides, and descriptions with our EXP360 VR Experience Tools.
  3. Publish your Trade Show in your channels.
  4. Welcome your visitors and guide them through your booth.

Contact our sales team and schedule a free virtual trade show session.

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