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Virtual Tours

Provide virtual tours of your facilities and destinations in 360°
and show your properties on the web or in live-guided tours

Virtual tours Create your virtual tours in your EXP360 VR Cloud

Create and manage your virtual tours from the EXP360 VR Cloud

  • Upload your 360° media of your accomodations, destinations, or houses
  • Connect the pieces to allow walk-throughs
  • Add your tours to maps & floor plans
  • Integrate your virtual tour on your website
  • Have shared virtual tours with your peers in real-time

Give virtual tours and showings - with Remote VR Show your properties in a shared 360 environment remotely.

Guide your clients through your VR tour - live and remote Invite your peers to a shared virtual tour with you. Have them join your session with you and guide them around your facilities.
Your clients don’t need a VR headset at home to join your VR tour. Smartphones or desktop browser are enough. Connect multiple clients in a shared session from all over the world.

Add your virtual tour to your plans and floor maps Communicate the location of your 360° media on a map - with VR Pinboard

A VR Pinboard is a way to communicate the location of 360° content on a map, that is provided as an image. This can help guests to find their way around a hotel, a cruise ship, an airport or a tourist attraction. VR Pinboards are utilized in real estate to showcast objects and for emergency and evacuation training purposes.

As other EXP360 services, VR Pinboards are created in a web editor. This allows any role within an organization to create VR Pinboards, add 360 and VR media, and publish them to any web application. A simple code snippet allows the integration in any web application as described in the web integration section.

VR Objects - highlight your aspects in 360 Show details of your virtual tour

Turn your learning material into compelling virtual training content VR Objects enable the 360° footage to be enriched with additional information like pictures, videos, audio tracks, text fields, and subtitles. Teleport fields load other 360° videos or images, which allow walk-throughs through your learning environment.

3D Objects like the drone in the video make the 360 experience more interactive, which may support the purpose of different VR use cases.