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There are countless opportunities on how to integrate VR & 360 into your business, no matter what company size you are. Let us tell you how our clients and partners use this technology.

Some examples of our clients using a Guide Kit for training:

  • Housekeeping
  • Facility cleaning
  • Casino (floorman)
  • Event setup for event locations
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When we started EXP360, the vision was very clear: Develop a VR product that is neither complicated for the user nor expensive. One, that does not need months of preparation for implementation and additional infrastructure. That provides options in terms of services and functionalities instead of tying clients to EXP360 in any possible way.

Well, we certainly managed to develop such a product. The team that started this product is still there. Plus, many more members now. We all share the same values - we love technology and innovation, but our approach is totally client centric. There are lots and lots of fancy features we thought about implementing but we realized that some of them are fun to implement but not necessary for the user side or even confusing.

Our focus is always on our clients’ needs and on our main goal, which is to fulfill the mission: Make VR and 360 commercially beneficial! Our use case collection shows in how many different ways the product portfolio is and can be used.

We are an international team spread across several worldwide locations: Berlin, Rostock and Hamburg, Salzburg, Innsbruck and Graz, Zug, Sydney and Gilroy/Silicon Valley. We are all passionate IT lovers with diverse backgrounds:
Cruise ship veterans, sound technicians, environmental activists, sailors, photographers, MacGyver fans, ardent world travelers, language fanatics, real geeks, metal or trance fans