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Instruct your staff remotely - with Remote VR by EXP360

Improve the onboarding of your employees by providing real-time training in a virtual environment remotely.

*no VR headsets needed. Your clients join your training from their smartphones or desktop browser.

Train virtually & remotely

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Produce your virtual training courses with any 360 camera, or use our library of 360 content.

Produce virtual trainings in no time and create interactive courses with our comprehensive VR editor.

Have your trainers guide your (new) staff through the interactive 360 courses - live and remote

Invite your clients to a shared HR training and education environment with you. Have them join your training sessions with you and guide them through the course.

Multi-Channel - One-to-Many - world-wide

Your trainees do not need a VR headset to join a training session - smartphones or a desktop browser are sufficient. Connect multiple trainees in a shared session from all over the world.

Turn your existing HR courses into VR, and conduct them remotely

It is rather simple to turn existing training materials into interactive and scalable virtual/360 courses and to make them accessible remotely, including the assistance of one of your trainers.
Take advantage of the EXP360 cloud environment, the VR Experience Tools using EXP360’s Remote VR solution - the next best thing to train people on-site.