DIY Workshop

Get creative!

If you choose to start producing your content inhouse, our workshop offer will be the best thing for you to get started. This workshop will give you all necessary knowledge to kick-start into 360 footage and we promise it will be anything but boring. You might need a cold beer in the evenings though to cool down from the heat of the action. In just three days we will teach you all the essentials you need and won’t let you down with advice afterwards. The workshop will be packed with very little theoretic knowledge and lots and lots of best practice and exercises for you to try out the freshly gained knowledge. We will teach you many things and the most important are:

  • Create your very own 360 concept
  • Write a script which takes full advantage of all the additional features 360 has to offer
  • Cover the disadvantages that come with 360 (there are no hiding places)
  • Understand which 360 cameras can be used for which purpose
  • Shoot pictures and tailor make videos for your use cases
  • Start with 360 post production

We will certainly share best practices with you during and after the workshop. If needed, we can also do an initial content production together with you where we will get you prepared for further DIY productions.