Content is king

Producing 360 content is a piece of cake nowadays. Good content is the essence to creating real benefits from implementing VR and 360. And it’s actually so much easier to get content than you might have thought.
You have some stuff to already get started? Excellent!
If not, below are a few ways on how to produce the content you'll need. Remember – whatever YOUR VR journey…this is why we set out all possible ways to get you started on the content side if you do not already have any. Plenty of options, choose whatever you prefer.

DIY workshop

No need to be tied to us. If you are interested in learning how to create 360 footage within your company, we'll help you to get started with a training workshop. Find out how you can produce your own content. If you prefer to be independent from anyone in regard to the footage production, our DIY workshop will give you all the essentials to get into this right from the beginning. It won’t require highly specialized skills, just the will to learn, try and start having fun once you see the first results. And some funny looking yet affordable hardware.

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At your service

If you prefer not to touch the footage production, our affordable and fast producer team will be happy to help include pre-production consulting to shape your VR messages. Our incredible content production team will do your footage together with you to make sure all your messages are covered. They love challenges on new industries and use cases, too. Try them! You will be surprised how smooth 360 content can be generated at extremely reasonable pricing. And if you prefer to move to DIY at a later stage we won’t take it personally.

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Partner network

You have your own production agency or want to have some contact in the world of 360 producers? Our worldwide network of partners is at your service. Drop us a note! We have some awesome connections to very skilled content producers on several continents who will be happy to help if needed. We will put you in contact with them and you take it from there. Certainly, we will always be there for you if you require assistance from us.

CAD files, yes.

Did you know that almost any of the current CAD programs can easily produce 360 files? Just check out your version and contact us for further advice. Content production in the most comfortable way possible. There are many use cases that might not be obvious at first glance. Have you thought about showcasing your agricultural machines, helicopters, planes, pipe installations, new manufacturing facilities, offshore windparks (this is a short list believe it or not!) in VR at trade shows? You obviously can’t bring all those devices to the shows and events, can you?

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