Remote VR

State-of-the-art Remote VR tool

Setting new standards in the VR world

If we had to decide which of our many features and tools deserves the title “most innovative player in the game”, our Remote VR would win the race. Cutting edge technology allows you to control VR headsets distributed across continents from one central location. You decide which contents the audience can see while you see where the audience is looking at the same time. Amazing!

We have a few clients using this tool to provide remote training or to hold presentations. Feel free to contact us to get more information about this exciting possibility. Following our principles to make our clients’ life as easy as possible, there is no extra infrastructure needed to be installed. Bring the VR headsets to the exact place where you need them. Only an internet connection is required to bring both guide and audience together. To be inspired, find out more about how our clients use it.