Personal App

Get VR on the phone...

…and use the smallest VR projector in the world

Our Personal App is a tool for connecting with a remote audience through VR and 360° content on various channels. The app can be fully customized to your brand’s design and we’ll get it running for you on any iOS or Android device.

With the Personal App you can close several gaps in the use of VR and 360 content. First of all, most mobile browsers do not yet support the use of 360 content on the phone. By using your own branded or our white-label app, everyone can enjoy the 360 content while they are on the move.

Second, you will cover everyone who actually likes QR codes and guide them to your 360 content. Your audience does not necessarily need a computer or a VR HMD but can use their favorite toy. It’s called the 'game of phones'. Clever huh?

Users can create custom playlists which they can save for later and share with others. Their content is viewable using any iOS or Android device or through any browser. Needless to say that our VR Analytics automatically generate statistics about software and hardware usage to optimize content, device distribution and future consultations.

Have you ever thought about having the coolest giveaways at trade shows and events? Or a fancy add-on to your direct mailings? How about a branded cardboard? It will not kill your budget and is a starter tool into the immersive world of VR. And guess what – the Personal App can deal with both cardboard viewers and those which aren't, easily changed from one to the other with just one click. Yes that's all.

If you need some inspiration on the use case side for the app, especially for the B2B and B2E section, click here.