Guide kit

For sure, a VR headset (an HMD - head mounted display, glasses, goggles, call it what you like) is the best solution to show and use your content for your audience. EXP360 started a few years ago with a dedicated set-up which we named Guide Kit for a reason: The purpose is to guide your audience through the 360 world and not to leave them alone and maybe get lost.

So, we implemented several features following important principles:

  • The guide controls, via a tablet, what the audience will see on the connected VR headsets. Several headsets can be connected to the tablet simultaneously.
  • The guide needs to know specifically where/what the audience is looking at. We visualized the full panorama on the tablet and single views of each VR headset connected to the tablet.
  • The guide can point the audience’s attention to focus point s/he thinks are important using a hotspot arrow.
  • The Guide Kit is designed to work in an offline environment – perfect for trade shows or remote locations with little or no internet. Read more about possible use cases here.

As a guide, all these features allow you to take full control of the audience thus making sure that the messages you want to transport are being received. The hardware components consist of off-the-shelf affordable hardware. This will make it easy for you to replace any of the components in case something breaks. The Guide Kit comes with an optional premium travel case which has been tailor made for the hardware components and is hand-luggage size.

All hardware components of the Guide Kit are fully optional should you already own supported hardware.

And now comes the best thing: Your Guide Kit can be transformed into an Explorer Kit with only a few clicks. Read here what an Explorer Kit is.