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Real Estate in 360°
Build virtual tours with your 360 media
and show your properties on the web or in live-guided tours

Virtual tours Create your virtual tours in your EXP360 VR Cloud

Create and manage your virtual tours from the EXP360 VR Cloud.

  • Upload your 360° media of your homes and apartments
  • Connect the pieces to allow walk-throughs
  • Add your tours to maps & floor plans
  • Integrate your virtual tour on your website
  • Have virtual open-house tours with your clients in real-time

Shared virtual tours in real-time - remotely Show your homes in shared 360 tour - with Remote VR

Guide your customers through your VR tour - live and remotely. Invite your peers to a shared virtual tour with you. Have them join your session with you and guide them around your facilities.

Your clients don’t need a VR headset at home to join your VR tour. Smartphones or desktop browsers are enough. Connect multiple clients in a shared session from all over the world.

Learn more about Remote VR

Virtual tours on maps and floor plans Add your virtual tour to your plans - with VR Pinboards

Help your clients finding their way around your homes on virtual tours as well as emergency and evacuation drills.

VR Objects for virtual homes Highlight features of your apartment virtually

Turn your 360 media of your homes into a compelling virtual tour. VR Objects enable the 360° media to be enriched with additional information like descriptive texts, pictures, videos, audio tracks, and subtitles. Teleport fields load other 360° videos or images, which allow walk-throughs through your homes.

Guided virtual tours with VR headsets Premium homes deserve the best VR experience

The Guide Kit is the tool of choice to guide your clients through your premium content during face-to-face meetings. Sync your virtual tour with your EXP360 Guide Kit, which allows you to guide your clients through houses and apartments with your tablet. You can direct your clients with an arrow, while you follow the direction of your clients with a live eye-tracker.

Learn more about the Guide Kit

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