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Industries & Use Cases
Enabling industries to facilitate different use cases with VR and 360°

Affected by the coronavirus restrictions? Check out Remote VR for Real Estate and Training.

Virtual Trade Show Utilize EXP360 solutions to have your sales events and conventions virtually.

Invite your clients to your 360° virtual trade show and welcome your visitors with Remote VR and video chat integration. EXP360's VR and 360° solutions enable our clients to run 360° trade shows and virtual sales events and continue with client acquisition. We create customized 360° sales environments in 3D and allow visitors to tour the virtual convention.

Virtual Trade Show with EXP360

Cruise Industry in 360° Sales, virtual crew training, and documentation

Clients in the cruise industry use EXP360 VR Cloud solutions for sales, virtual training, and technical documentation initiatives. The integration with our immersive technologies enables to increases revenue, guest experience, as well as efficiency in hotel operations.

Learn how we support clients in the cruise industry

Real Estate & Architecture in 360° Run virtual tours in real-time

Virtual tours of real estate have four times longer engagement while providing the potential client the ability to see the full product in virtual reality.

Remote VR enables live virtual tours from the comfort of your homes together with your clients, while unattended virtual tours are guided by VR Objects and virtual CTA-buttons.

Learn how EXP360 supports Real Estate clients

Universities & Education in VR and 360° Meet Education 4.0 with EXP360

The university and education sector is adopting to immersive technologies, especially in higher education. Learn how EXP360 contributes to Education 4.0 with new ways to deliver course content and enables students to access interactive virtual learning environments.

Learn how EXP360 builds immersive universities

Virtual Training in 360°

Increase onboarding efficiency with our VR solutions and cut costs while improving ability. Ongoing training initiatives in virtual reality has been proven to improve the outcome tremendously, mainly due to real-life scenarios, mentoring, and leadership sessions.

Learn more about Virtual Training

Virtual Training with Remote VR Run virtual training sessions remotely - in real-time

Train your staff on-site before they are on-site. Use your 360° content of real-duty environments and roll-out scalable training sessions to your employees in a one-to-many setup. Have your trainees join from any device and any location.

Virtual Training with Remove VR