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Industries & Use Cases
Industries using VR and 360° for business

VR and 360° for any industry

Showcasing an immersive version of your products within virtual reality will set you apart from your competitors. Training your employees within real-life scenarios is increasing memorability and efficiency. Engaging students in the education industry becomes increasingly challenging, whereas VR can respond to.

Have you thought about using immersive VR for your PR initiatives? Check out the benefits of EXP360 by department and use case in this PDF.
360 Industries & Use Cases

Sales & Marketing in 360°

Create an immersive solution for your products to demonstrate their value and experience in 360. VR experiences are accessible anywhere - anytime. Our multi-playout channels can be customized to suit any industry.

Training & Recruiting in 360°

Increase onboarding efficiency with our VR solutions and cut costs while improving ability. Ongoing training initiatives in virtual reality has been proven to improve the outcome tremendously, mainly due to real-life scenarios, mentoring, and leadership sessions.

Education in 360°

Our classroom function support up to 40 VR headsets, which will provide an educational institution the ability to engage a full classroom. Enable your students to create their own 360 content through our cloud-based toolset.

Real Estate & Architecture in 360°

Virtual tours of real estate have four times longer engagement while providing the potential client the ability to see the full product in virtual reality. Our VR Objects enable you to point out features, and call-to-actions like Book-an-inspection generate reach.

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