Use Case Inspiration

Let us surprise you!

There are countless opportunities on how to integrate VR & 360 into your business, no matter what company size you are. Let us tell you how our clients and partners use this technology. Many industries, many different use cases. We cannot list them all but we can give you a taster so that you get an understanding about what is possible. It is important though to see the value about implementing VR & 360. The fancy side of VR can be used for impressing your audience, stand out from the crowd, bring an enlightened smile to their faces. The practical side of VR will bring efficiency improvements to internal processes, additional benefits for departments, and better results in the performance of your team.

Curious? Let’s start…

Our all-time favorites on the use case side are Marketing and Sales. Presenting content in different ways works for many industries.

For face-to-face presentations, the Guide Kit and the Explorer Kit are the best choice and are, in fact, your virtual showroom. They are used for trade shows, events, personal client presentations. It doesn’t matter if you present a new or existing hotel/restaurant/event facility, office buildings, huge agricultural engines, power plants, wind energy plants, pipe installations, sport stadiums – we stopped here otherwise the list would be endless! Present your products in the most immersive way possible. Consumers, business clients, potential sponsors will most definitely be impressed - who wouldn’t?

For web and print integration, enhance your website with 360 panoramas to give an authentic impression about your products. Put 360 destination panoramas on a map, include 360 CAD files of your engines on your product page, draw a picture of your wind turbine and include 360 shots of the control room or a panorama of the whole wind farm.

Send personalized messages with VR Quick Share. This can be especially helpful when a short time to market is essential, or if you want to add a personal touch to your VR content distribution. You are a real estate agent and are visiting several properties with your clients? Then take a simple 360 camera with you during the visits and send your clients a summary of the properties afterwards.

Our rising stars are Training, Recruiting and Onboarding. VR as an additional component of those processes is not the future, it is already here!. On the training side, the Guide Kit can be used for multiple purposes. VR is the perfect way of providing training courses showcasing processes and/or details. Some examples of our clients using a Guide Kit for training:

  • Housekeeping
  • Facility cleaning
  • Casino (floorman)
  • Event setup for event locations
  • Light and sound installations
  • Engine room procedures
  • Any kind of security/evacuation training
  • Production/manufacturing processes
  • Medical training in helicopters and ambulances
  • Hospital procedures
  • Familiarization with power plants and factories

There are several aspects helping you to significantly improve performance with VR based training. You have the undivided attention of the audience. You can bring people to remote places without them physically traveling. You can train them in a 360 environment and as a guide you will always know where they are looking and draw their attention to most important focal points. You can store precious knowledge. Our VR Analytics help you to constantly improve your training content.

Some of our clients, especially those with huge and remote teams also use the Personal App to push content to their employees and keep them updated. Not forgetting the many possibilities you have with Remote VR.

Considering you can easily produce training content, VR based training becomes a quick, easy and affordable way of enriching the training experience in your company. Do we need to mention that most of the team will be more than excited about this new and innovative way of learning?